What a journey it’s been.  

I'm Jennifer.  I started this whole thing after styling a wedding for a client who hired me to design her wedding invitations!  That styling led to her asking me to decorate her house.  Then two other people saw that house, and hired me.  Then, a few more, and now a whole lotta people later, we're a full-service boutique with a whole lot more going on!

Here's where it all began...

After moving to Los Angeles, I freelanced in showrooms at the request of a friend breaking into the fashion industry.  I was hired to style jewelry and merchandise the spaces whenever my friend got a gig here and there.  I was also doing PR (my major in college) for a candle company, and wrapping gifts at Anthropologie in Beverly Hills to fund my clothing habit.  Strange city, $2500 in savings, and working three jobs got me working hard pretty young.

My savings didn't grow, so I got a "real job" to pay the rent.  As another creative outlet, I designed wedding invitations on the side while working in the web and gaming industry for over 15 years.  After 10 years of wedding invitations and print, I started to dabble in wedding styling. Then those clients started asking for help in their homes.  

Back to school I went to study the principles of interior design at night with two kids under five!

Then, we bought a new house.  While that will always be a work in progress, the enthusiasm and drive to make a beautiful home a reality, experiment, rearrange...led to a career giving clients the same thing.  After all those years of touching the surface of decorating, I finally made it my profession in 2012.  

Now, a few years later, we're a team passionate about interiors and finding our client's voice.  Kinda the same way I found my voice after all those years!